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Collaborative Law amd Divorce Mediation Attorney Los Angeles CA
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collaborative law
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property division
child custody
child support
spousal support
move-away & relocations
post-judgment modifications
premarital, post-marital & cohabitation agreements
same-sex marriages & registered domestic partnerships
paternity & non-marital relationships
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Divorce eNewsletter

As a service to our clients, we at Law and Mediation Offices of Judith C. Nesburn and Divorce Magazine are pleased to provide you with this monthly e-newsletter and hope that the information and articles contained within are helpful and supportive.

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December 2012
  1. Trust: How to get it back
  2. How to Prepare for a Custody Trial
  3. The Co-parenting Relationship
  4. Feeling Hatred
  5. Tips for Spending Quality "Virtual" Time with Your Children this Holiday
November 2012
  1. Sharing Your Pain
  2. Senior Divorce
  3. After the Cheating
  4. Steering Clear of Financial Landmines
  5. Handling the Holidays
October 2012
  1. Embrace Change
  2. Parenthood as a Spiritual Journey
  3. Some Unique Aspects to a Post-Divorce Marriage
  4. Helping Children Adjust to Divorce
  5. The Wisdom to Know the Difference
September 2012
  1. The Best Interest of the Client
  2. Your Child's Divorce - Part 2
  3. Talking To Your Child: Positive Comments About Her Other Parent
  4. Forgive yourself first in order to recover from Divorce
  5. Whose Fault Is It Anyway?
August 2012
  1. Tips for Surviving Divorce
  2. What Is Parent Coordination?
  3. Your Child's Divorce - Part 1
  4. Help! This Divorce Hurts
  5. Joint or Sole Custody?
July 2012
  1. An introduction to divorce mediation
  2. Yes, divorce, even if you chose it, is a loss
  3. Planning tips for summer vacation for shared parenting
  4. 5 hidden costs of keeping the house after divorce
  5. Victimhood: the curse of divorce recovery
June 2012
  1. How Counselling Helps Kids
  2. The Power of Listening
  3. Financial Recovery after Divorce
  4. Your Parting Words: How to Break the News Responsibly
  5. The Shock of Divorce
May 2012
  1. Techniques for Effective Discipline
  2. Forgive but Don't Forget
  3. The Grief Progression
  4. Getting Divorced? First Things First
  5. Safe Harbor
April 2012
  1. How and When to Tell Your Children About Your Divorce
  2. Build a Happy, Healthy Life Together - Part 2
  3. Making the Decision: Separation
  4. Is Mediation for You?
  5. 5 Tax Traps to Avoid During Divorce
March 2012
  1. Reasons for Divorce
  2. Dealing with Friends, Family, and More During Divorce
  3. Children's Wishes and the Law
  4. Build a Happy, Healthy Life Together - Part 1
  5. Managing Negative Thoughts Through Positive Manipulation
February 2012
  1. The Effect of Children's Age
  2. Divorce Isn't Easy, But It's Doable
  3. Divorce Planning - Figuring Net Worth
  4. Parental Alienation - A Corrosive Legacy
  5. Sex with your Ex:Don't Go There!
January 2012
  1. How Child Support is Paid
  2. Divorce versus the Unhappy Marriage
  3. Financial Recovery after Divorce
  4. Parenting After Separation
  5. Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Collaborative Law & Divorce Mediation Attorney Los Angeles CA

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At the Law and Mediation Offices of Judith C. Nesburn, we handle divorce and family law matters for individuals throughout Greater Los Angeles County, including Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Brentwood, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, the San Fernando Valley, Malibu and Pacific Palisades.